9th February 2018 Amanda Edwards

What Explore means to students in our school – by a teacher

8th Feb 2018

Dear Rosie

Sorry for the delay in writing to you, but I wanted to give you feedback about the Explore couple who came in recently to talk to our yr 11 students. As has been the case for the last few years we had a fantastic experience.

Our students are always struck by how open and honest the couples are and this was no exception. The students are certainly not afraid to ask deeply personal questions and they were dealt with magnificently by the couple.

I think our students have a ‘romantic notion’ about how they’ll find the perfect life partner, but come away knowing that relationships are something that need to be worked at and that working through difficulties can actually make relationships stronger.

They come away understanding the value of being able to trust, and communicate with, each other and the importance of dealing with issues as they arise rather than letting them fester. It is such a valuable experience for the students and one I think all 16 year olds would benefit from; it’s one of the highlights of our year and we look forward to repeating it again next year.

Bill Baker

Head of Sixth Form

Churchers School, Hampshire

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We seek to support schools and colleges, usually with Years 10 - 13. Our work is consistent with the guidelines issued by the Department of Education for Relationship Education. We operate within the educational curriculum and syllabus for PSHE, Citizenship and RE in schools.