17th June 2018 Amanda Edwards

Amazon Smile – triples donation cash back in June

If you are always buying stuff on Amazon – and want to support our charity, then simply register and choose The Students Exploring Marriage Trust (Explore) as the recipient for cash back referral donations. Normally we’d get 0.5% of whatever you spend, that’s 50p for every £100 spent, but for the rest of June they are tripling that to £1.50 for every £100 spent.
Now that might not seem much to you but for a charity like us, it’s fabulous – 10 people supporting us would cover the cost of a workshop which could change the life of a young person. The way this needs to work is for every supporter of Explore – volunteers, staff and their friends and families to all select us on Amazon Smile so that we get hundreds of tiny donations – to make a huge difference. Thank you!
Here’s the link to sign up, takes seconds, do it now!


And for those who don’t like Amazon for any reason, then www.giveasyoulive.com is a site where you can shop online at whatever retailer you want for home and work purchases, holidays, food, clothes, home wares, insurance – and earn % rewards that you can choose to come to us.

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