15th February 2019 Amanda Edwards

Volunteers tell us what Valentine’s means to them

What does Valentine’s Day mean when you have been married for a long time?

Long-term relationships are alive and well with (60%) having been married for 25 years or more. The secret to this success, according to them, was to combine good old-fashioned romance with conversation, commitment and trust. For example, some two thirds (64%) say “I love you” daily.

They celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending their partners a card (67%) or going out for dinner (36%). A handful will send flowers (18%), chocolates (12%) or treat their partner to a weekend away (6%).

Their top three favourite ways to make their partners feel appreciated are by saying thank you every day, even for the ordinary things (94%); giving them lots of cuddles and hugs (82%); taking them for a meal (76%).

Their least favourite ways to show their appreciation include spa breaks (12%); showering them with gifts such as flowers, chocolates or jewellery (24%) and “doing as they ask, without question (27%).

If they wanted to give their partner a surprise, they’d choose a weekend away (55%), followed by tickets to the theatre, show or concert 49%, or dinner out (40%).

All said that volunteering for Explore was a brilliant way of publicly affirming their love for each other….

valentines rose

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