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About Us

What We Do

We empower young adults to explore what it takes to create and sustain happy, healthy and loving long-term relationships.


We are a UK registered educational charity, created in 2000. We run sessions, mainly in schools, for groups of 14 to 17-year-olds to provide a unique opportunity to explore the realities of lasting relationships in today’s world.


We work with real-life volunteer couples who open themselves up to questioning by young adults, enabling them to think differently about love, commitment and long-term relationships.

Our Approach

Our tried and tested methodology is based on youth-led learning. Our unique sessions are designed to empower young adults and give them the confidence to ask in-depth questions of volunteer couples in order to explore what it means in reality to have a relationship.


All of our sessions are led by one of our experienced, trained Facilitators. Participants are encouraged to share their hopes and fears for future relationships and through this realise what qualities make for a healthy relationship and what qualities make for an unhealthy relationship.


They are given the rare opportunity of an authentic and open conversation with an adult couple about their experiences of commitment. Each session is distinctive due to the different questions from the young adults and the experiences of the couple. Couples answer questions with honesty and the power of the couple’s openness is palpable. The ownership of the questioning by young adults, combined with the couple’s willingness to be open, is what makes our sessions so memorable and impactful.

Why Our Work Is Important

Many separated parents are able to work well together to co-parent their children and limit any potential impact from their separation. However, children and young people who are negatively impacted by family breakdown are twice as likely to experience the following issues:


  • Behavioural problems
  • Performing less well at school
  • Leaving school/home when young
  • Becoming sexually active at a young age
  • Poor mental health during adolescence and adulthood
  • Poor physical health during adolescence and adulthood
  • High levels of smoking, drinking, and drug use during adolescence and adulthood
  • Living in poverty and poor housing both as a child and in adulthood

Positive & Healthy Relationships

Conversely, we know that experiencing positive and healthy relationships as children and young people supports lifelong positive mental health and wellbeing.


Our work aims to support the wellbeing of young adults and prevent future family breakdown by;


  • Counteracting negative or unrealistic media portrayals of relationships to help young adults understand what real relationships are like
  • Provide hope to young adults that healthy, happy and loving relationships do exist and they too can have this type of relationship in their future
  • Help young adults recognise that all relationships, romantic or otherwise, require time and effort, that experiencing challenges is part of life but these can be overcome.