23rd November 2017 expexp

Why should my school invite Explore to run a workshop?

Explore meets a great variety of PSHE and SRE objectives that will help you deliver an outstanding and exciting curriculum.  Our mission focusses on developing positive and stable relationships so our sessions help young people consider the roles and responsibilities of parenthood. We portray long term relationships in a ‘real life’ context that can be examined and compared to those portrayed through the media.  Explore can help your students ask questions about relationships & marriage that they do feel they can ask their parents or carers and often gives them an insight into a positive relationship that they have no personal experience of.

Inviting Explore into to run a workshop or conference in your school will also help the school fulfil its requirements for teachings and promoting:

  • British Values
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education SMSC
  • Personal social health education PSHE
  • Sex and relationships education SRE

The Explore Experience is ready and waiting to visit your school!

We seek to support schools and colleges, usually with Years 10 - 13. Our work is consistent with the guidelines issued by the Department of Education for Relationship Education. We operate within the educational curriculum and syllabus for PSHE, Citizenship and RE in schools.