9th February 2018 Amanda Edwards

What does it cost to host an Explore session in our school?

The cost of running an Explore session should not prohibit your school from inviting us in.

We are a registered charity and so we do rely on voluntary donations and we need to make a charge that is reasonable to cover staff time preparing  and delivering the session. We need to recruit volunteer couples and volunteer facilitators and this all takes time, as you can imagine! Then we also need to reimburse volunteer travelling expenses.

The best way for your students to explore relationships with us, is when they feel empowered to ask the questions that matter most to them. This is best achieved in groups of a dozen to a maximum of twenty-five students. They also benefit from meeting at least two different couples, who will have had different life-experiences to share.

We are always happy to discuss budgets and to offer a one-class/one-couple session initially at no cost. This helps a school decide whether Explore is right for their students. Thereafter, we would expect your school to pay a minimum of £150 per class per couple attending. We adjust our recommended charge according to the needs of the school. Independent schools will be expected to pay a higher charge, since we rarely receive donations from Foundations or other funders willing to contribute towards private schools. Independent schools can expect to pay a charge similar to that of a cinema or theatre ticket – after all, we are bringing real life drama into the classroom.

The Explore Experience is ready and waiting to visit your school!

We seek to support schools and colleges, usually with Years 10 - 13. Our work is consistent with the guidelines issued by the Department of Education for Relationship Education. We operate within the educational curriculum and syllabus for PSHE, Citizenship and RE in schools.